Over a decade experience in content development in Africa...

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  Eagle Productions ltd develops content for multiple platforms with the core objective of Informing, Educating and Entertaining 
  consumers.  Many of our products have been top rated in their time slot.Our clients and partners have included Fortune 500 companies >
  and network partners across the globe. Passion drives our innovation

The first of its kind on the market, Mobilefliks are Mobile movies made especially for the mobile phone and to watch on the go during consumer down times.  Mobilefliks provide a convenient, cost effective, source of entertainment for the consumer.

It is estimated that by 2016 there will be a billion mobile phones on the continent. By 2015, the mobile network will break the electricity barrier in more than four major regions. Sub-Saharan Africa will have more people with mobile network access than with access to electricity at home.

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Eagle Productions has over a decade experience in producing content for Television, having worked with some of the major players in television on the continent. We are a respected brand in Ghana.

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This is the season for fashion! An interactive Fashion competition show. Fashion-Feast; teases your fashion buds. Ghana is a fashion driven country.

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Our years of experience and Network across the continent gives us a unique perspective and understanding of the terrain and makes us your ideal partner.

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Our Values center around integrity and social responsibility

As a private company headquartered in Ghana, Eagle Productions ltd started as a sole Proprietorship in Ghana in 1999, growing into a limited liability company in 2004. The company later opened subsidiaries in South Africa and Liberia. Its main focus is the development of content for the main platforms of Television and Mobile phones, training for industry professionals and Consultancy in various spaces. We are a team of highly trained, highly dedicated professionals with a flair for the artistic... Our subsidiary, The Eagle Drama College, has trained over 200 students in various crafts of the film Industry over the years.